What is the reason for my happiness

What is the reason for my happiness

Happiness means “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” In simple words, it is a feeling of joy. For different people, the definition of happiness is different. Some people may find their happiness in nature, some in the people around them, some in following their hobbies and some in other people’s happiness. For some people, it may depend on their financial conditions but for some, it has nothing to do with money. Some people get happy by helping people in need, however, some people find it in the person they love. There can be various sources responsible for a person’s happiness. Some people get happy from small things like ice-cream or street food with their loved ones; to big things like expensive cars or other luxuries.

As mentioned earlier, different people find their happiness in different things. As for me, my happiness lies in simple things. The luxuries don’t excite me as much as simple things do.

1) Nature:

I am a person who loves nature. Each and everything about nature is so fascinating. I can relate to it a lot. Just like human beings, nature is not always calm and peaceful, it can be violent at times. Nature is a gift given to humankind https://shravskitchen.com/ by God. As for me, I’ve never seen anyone as expressive as nature. I’m a pluviophile, someone who loves rain and finds happiness in rain. The sound of the water drops hurting the ground, the smell of the wet soil, the weather, everything is so beautiful. I love nature and it makes me happy.

2) Books:

A “Bibliophile” is a person who loves books and finds happiness in something as simple as books. Reading gives me pleasure. It makes me happy. A cup of coffee just adds to the pleasure. I love reading. I do it in my free time. Mostly all the books are now available to everyone thanks to the internet. It helps me divert my mind from depressing or stressful thoughts. It gives me peace.

3) Binge-watching a series:

Nowadays, many people have a Netflix subscription. I’m one of those lucky people. Watching my favourite series is the best pastime. On weekends, I prefer staying home and binge-watching my favourite series. Some snacks just add to the happiness. Watching series while staying home alone, where no one is there to disturb you, enjoying the series with my favourite snacks actually makes me happy.

4) Travelling:

Travelling can fix literally everything. Travelling with family or friends can be good therapy. If you are stressed due to work, take a leave for a few days and travel somewhere. It can help in reducing your stress and make you feel rejuvenated. As for me, travelling is like therapy. It really helps me heal. Travelling does not have to be for days or weeks. Even a long drive makes me happy. A long drive or a picnic with my family and friends makes me happy.

5) My family and friends as a reason for my happiness:

Another reason for my happiness is my family and friends. Spending time with my family, and cracking jokes with my friends really make me happy. Just talking to them can fix my state of mind. They give me hope and assure me that everything is going to be fine soon. Talking to them makes me really happy. The fact that I will always have them by my side makes me happy.

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